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Mayor Bloomberg shouted down Aug. 20, 2012 911 Tech Corruption 911 aka ECTP & CityTime! Look bottom of blog!

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Friday, August 18, 2017

NYPD IA Crimes Dr Fagelman Fixing Faviors Filing New Lawsuit in 2018 Against Zachary Carter Key Corp Counsel, Internal Affairs Top Brass, O'Neill, Bratton, Boyce, Original Defendants

New notice of claim 2018 conspiracy obstruction of justice retaliation plus Zachary Carter stated under oath he acted with in his scope LES Nursing home, NYPD IA acted with in their scope my case, NBA Star a Thabo Sefolosha etc Did they.  Corp counsel has made a practice of lying...?
Investigator Rachel Stephens
Zachary Carter
Margaret King 
Catherine Papandrew 
NYPD Detective Andrew Dwyer, John Vergona Commited Serious Crimes Fixing and Favors For Dr Fagelman and Delita Hooks
3 NYPD commissioners obstruction of justice

ANY class actions law suits against Corp Counsel not Mafia lawyers but City employees that took an oath, NYPD,  IA, DA Cy Vance and staff and Investigator Berry include me.

2 internal affairs chiefs
IA John Does
IA Jane Does
Chief Boyce MD office 

Lt michael Agnese first time I sue the Integrity Lt  with his real name. Refused to talk to me and was going to cover up crimes they all use Ron Kuby's letter to pretend the NYPD did not commit any crime's when I did and I did fixing in favors for Dr Andrew Fagelman who was part of orchestrating Delita Hooks walking in two days after me

I will sue original defendants as well conspiracy conspiracy 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

NYPD Detective Andrew Dwyer, John Vergona Commited Serious Crimes Fixing and Favors For Dr Fagelman and Delita Hooks

Delita Hooks Signed Letter to NYPD Det Dwyer a Crime I have a Copy! My case NYPD misogyny anti-Semitism and retaliation for my blog and activism

NYPD Police Commissioner James O'Neill PO and Det Violate CPR Report Both To CCRB

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYPDONeill Ray Kelly, Bratton, O'Neill new permanent Commission + court NYPD IA DA corruption go over my case other victims the evidence under oath

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYPDONeill Ray Kelly, Campisi, Bratton, O'Neill, Boyce, Zachary Carter mowedme down like #HeatherHeyer w/ hate prejudice crimes suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2017/08/nypd-d…

Tina Fey on ‘Weekend Update’: Ignore neo-Nazis, eat cake instead | New York Post

The skit was not funny  but she made her point and for me when I was a victim and I still am of this violent crime of fixing in favors the cops arranging for my attacker to walk into the precinct commit more crimes so they could threaten me they could be violent with me  --  The scene where Tina Fey is over eating that really has been my life since the attack.    I just read part of a police report for the first time that my attacker DELITA Hooks didn't want to  file assault charges against me
 Of course not because she knows filing them is a crime and I didn't do anything -- she and her boss  arrange with dirty corrupt detectives from the 1st Precinct for her to go in and file a false cross complaint and they would threaten me they would commit crimes!    I want to know who Dr Fagelman called to set Fixing and Favors in motion  and arrange for my attacker Delita Hooks to commit more crimes and NYPD to commit crimes?

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYPDONeill O'Neill 3PC covering up NYPD IA Crimes Dr Fagelman part of Soho 01 Call a Cop Fixing favors let's go over all evidence youtube or Tedtalks

Almost 6 years I got my attacker sign letter to her corrupt NYPD fixer openly threatening me warning me not to come back and file second-degree assault charges because that's the crime she really committed second-degree assault.   The NYPD hid this from like  they had their faces and their batch numbers they had like klu klux  clan members and three police commissioners have protected these crimes
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYPDONeill Ask Det Vergona y he told me he didn't care if I had 2Black eyes, Tacopina/Bob Dobalina contacted Dee/Fagelman/Dwyer cunt threat turntables

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYPDONeill Kelly, Bratton call a cop program Soho Dr Fagelman broke laws Michael Rawson Mercer Hotel stole my signs PO Schatz harass me dying #Veteran

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYPDONeill CCRB forwarded my case 5 years to Chief of Dept uwere Chief, NYPD, Internal affairs on going broke laws use Kuby letter to pretend no crimes
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYPDONeill Zachary Carter, Papandrew lied in court!NYPD IA guilty NYPD hid like Klu Klux Clan broke laws NYPD IA lies mow me down w/ lies #heatherhayer
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Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYPDONeill Det Vergona refused to meet me Det Dwyer hide like Klu Klux Clan broke more laws fixing for Dee Dr Fagelman acted on #Cunt threat hate crime

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYPDONeill O'Neill says community relations great he is Protecting NYPD IA crimes my case broke laws, victims murdered by POORLY trainedsupervised NYPD

NYPD officials booted for being too drunk to fly to Afghanistan 

Google NYDN Chief Chuck Dowd he took thousands of dollars of gifts on 911 bigger tech corruption than CityTime.  Lead contractor Hewlett Packard bragged he would over bill until he lost the contract. Not fired or arrested.  

NYPD Joint Terrorist Task Force Telephone Number Broken! NYPD so fake! Verify Det Andy Dwyer corrupt Cop promoted?

NYPD Joint Terrorist Task force the rubber room for cops that break laws to get even more money? Dwyer broke the law on company time and O'Neill and Chief Boyce promote him!

There needs to be arrests from the doctors office to the police department instead of promotions...

I'm owed money for damages it's been years now October 1, 2012 will be six years of violence and lies and a pileup of crimes and it gets bigger and bigger because you're after year you learn how top brass inside the NYPD and Internal Affairs are protecting crimes.

If I think after the statue limitation is going to run out that they could come and apologize no way I won't except apologies after the statue of limitations and is there a statute of limitations for lying and police reports, coercion threatening a victim conspiring as a group to break laws and threaten intimidate a victim of a violent crime,  lying to the police during an open investigation threatening your victim are there statutes on that  because my attacker and the NYPD threatened me during an open investigation and that's a crime and I believe Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel also did so using fake accounts they tried intimidation and threats and convince me to drop charges and I'm alleging Joe may have even contacted that corrupt detective Andy Dwyer  it was agreed they would act on his misogynist Hate Crimes to turn the tables and if so is there actually a statue limitation.

If James O'Neill is forced to resign then the next police commissioner will be contacted by me and I will testify in front of a permanent new commission into NYPD Internal Affairs corruption.

NYPD PC O'Neill PO and Det Violate CPR Report Both To CCRB

Two Unkind Women NYPD in the top cops office violated CPR and protocol so James O'Neill truly sets the tone.     Corruption and abuse of power violation of CPR starts at the very top and I guess the police commissioners living is Lai the community relations are good and he doesn't seem to understand that victims of NYPD crimes are unhappy and they want justice accountability and if he won't do the right thing and let's talk about it under oath in front of the new permanent commission into police corruption!   NYPD control press passes and they do fixing in favors for rich people so we can't get answers through mainstream press but we can get them in front of a permanent new commission under oath were victims also get to question top cops and all the cops that broke laws in their cases including mine and Internal Affairs broke laws in my case I want answers under oath and live streamed for all to witness the corruption under Ray Kelly, Campisi, and Bratton who taught me turn broken windows on to cops.

 I called up to request an interview for YouTube we can go over the attack video I have police reports from Detective John Vergona and Delita Hooks cost cost complain in the signed letter another crime they committed crimes the police department the doctors office specifically my attacker besides salt committed a series of crimes and I believe her boss was party to these crimes therefore he's is guilty along with Internal Affairs  so let's discuss it on video but James O'Neill is corrupt, a coward and there's no way he's got the courage to face me  and go over it for my YouTube audience but I hope to question him one day under oath along with Ray Kelly Bill Bratton and so many other victims of NYPD crimes want to do the same or their families if they were killed by the NYPD.

Delita Hooks Signed Letter to NYPD Det Dwyer a Crime I have a Copy! My case NYPD misogyny anti-Semitism and retaliation for my blog and activism

NYPD Detective Andrew Dwyer, John Vergona Commited Serious Crimes Fixing and Favors For Dr Fagelman and Delita Hooks CCRB was forwarding my case to Chief of Dept.  O'Neill was Chief

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYPDONeill Ray Kelly, Bratton, O'Neill new permanent Commission + court NYPD IA DA corruption go over my case other victims the evidence under oath

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYPDONeill Ray Kelly, Campisi, Bratton, O'Neill, Boyce, Zachary Carter mowedme down like #HeatherHeyer w/ hate prejudice crimes suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2017/08/nypd-d…

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Delita Hooks Signed Letter to NYPD Det Dwyer a Crime I have a Copy! My case NYPD misogyny anti-Semitism and retaliation for my blog and activism

2017 Almost 6 years later I now have a copy of Dr Andrew Fagelman's violent manipulative lying attack receptionist office manager Delita HOOKS letter a very serious crime -- she signed a letter with a threat to me to corrupt NYPD Detective  Andrew (Andy) Dwyer recognizing  I can file second-degree assault charge against her and I better not or she will file a second false cross-complaint against me this time 2nd degree assault (google Dr Fagelman asault) with Detective Andrew Dwyer , Det John Vergona (a misogynist anti-Semitic detective allowed to retire )and Internal Affairs  protected all the crimes -- they did they protected and the dirty detectives and supervisors all these years!

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYPDnews @NYPDONeill @VSPPIO @CivilRights Zachary Carter, O'Neill Protecting hate crimes all crimes my case including by NYPD IA obstruction of Justice, discrimination

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYPDnews @NYPDONeill @VSPPIO Zachary Carter, James O'Neill, Boyce, Reznick mow me down w/lies my case protect #NYPD IA Crimes! #HeatherHayes

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYPDONeill O'Neill Protecting anti-Semitism, #Cunt threat bury me turn the tables on me Det Andrew Dwyer Det Vergona Crimes false arrest #Jew Sabbath
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@deBlasio_NYC @BlasioMayorNYC @ppearlman NYPD behind I defend Blacks poetic justice assaulted by Black. #Dumbcuntlivesmatter? Zachary Carter protects NYPD IA Crimes lies and lies!
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYPDONeill Sgt Chen Lt Burgos Det Vergona Det Andrew Dwyer w/ Ed Winski broke the law this video DD5s her letter to Dwyer proof m.youtube.com/watch?v=dh9Ted…
It took me almost 6 years to get a copy of the letter she filed with the police department she signed a serious crime she committed in the NYPD reported to be able to go to jail if they're actually with someone who is paying attention and had integrity and decided to apply the law.

  I want to know who Dr Fagelman called to set Fixing and Favors in motion  and arrange for my attacker Delita Hooks to commit more crimes and NYPD to commit crimes?

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYPDONeill Zachary Carter lied in my case, NBA Star Thabo Sefolosha, I want class action lawsuits against Mr Carter, Corp Counsel you predecessors etc
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYPDONeill Sadistic crime audio proof use Kuby letter to pretend NYPD didn't bait switch downgrade Delita Hooks crimes w/NYPD to 0Crime Fix4Dr Fagelman

How many nypd in my case including top cops racist misogynist.  When I hear James O'Neill rally Trump I think he's just like him so was Bratton  and Ray Kelly ask they say it behind closed doors.  Look at their actions!!!!!   My case taught me

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYPDONeill NYPD 3 PC 2 IA 2 Chief Detective Boyce guilty protected crimes MD office nypd ia crimes my case 1800NYPDIAFixit! suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2017/08/delita…
Delita Hooks  repeatedly broke the law and she still sitting at that desk she's not been fired or arrested but she didn't do didn't vacuum did she and other people broke laws and there are no arrests but I was threatened over and over and there is a threat in the police notes of both detectives her file in my file and Internal Affairs and Zachary Carter protected crimes all these years!!!

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYPDONeill Zachary Carter, O'Neill anti Trump but front line Protecting NYPD Crimes broke laws treated me like Jew in the Early Stages of Nazi Germany!

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYPDnews @NYPDONeill @VSPPIO NYPD racist misogynist violent liars criminals sadists my case broke laws promoted #NYPD IA Crimes! suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2017/08/delita…
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYPDONeill I was treated like Jew in the early stages Nazi G tell me how the NYPD in my case are different than Neo Nazi bullies? Didn't murder me yet?

Why didn't detective Andy Dwyer ever contact me or arrest me?  Because I did nothing wrong but he was breaking the law along with the doctor Fagelman and Delita Hooks receptionist office manager and everyone harassing me online and threatening me as well as the dirty cops at the precinct they broke laws!

Delita Hooks and Det Andy Dwyer in concert with Dr Fagelman broke laws and so did Det John Vergona.  Delita Hooks filled a false cross-complaint two days after me.  If detective Andy Dwyer thought that I committed a crime why didn't he come arrest me because he's a corrupt evil dirt bag who is going to break the law along with the detective who was assigned to my case Det John Vergona.  These cowards wouldn't meet me as they broke laws but corrupt Det Andrew Dwyer  visited Dr. Andrew Fagelman I'm going to find out more about that  visit but I know they broke the law everyone knows it because she filed a false cross complaint and detective and you Dwyer never contacted me because he knew it was false and it was the group conspiring to threaten me with a post cross-complaint that's why no one met with me that's why Delita Hooks  was confident she could threaten me and her letter to Detective Andy Dwyer warning me to not come back and file second-degree assault charges since I dropped 3rd°.     I had no idea what was being assigned in terms of the assault but if I had understood what assault was 1st°, second-degree third-degree --  I would've been able to then I understand that they'd already downgraded her second-degree assault so 3rd° it's took a long time to understand everything and gather information and I'm still gathering it in the best way to get more information is to get all these people questioned under oath with understanding that if you commit perjury you go to jail!   

Delita Hooks savagely assaulted me as I held my bags my arm was numb and she filed a false cross complaint and threaten me with a second pass cross complaint which would be second-degree assault protected by a very corrupt evil detective Andrew Dwyer who Chief Boyce rewarded!  Vergona broke the law and ask him if he yelled at me You  are going to drop those charges or I'm going to arrest you!

 Ask him under oath let's all watch the video and go over the police reports why I haven't these cops been arrested and why have they been promoted or allowed to retire?

If you lie to the NYPD during an open investigation you have committed a crime even if the NYPD are corrupt and lying in there police report which is what was in my case true!

If you conspire with corrupt cops to threaten a victim during an open investigation then you have committed a crime.   If you participate in threatening affect him you've committed a crime.  So let's say the detective said to the doctor don't worry will threaten Ms Troy will maker drop the charges then the doctor is party to a crime.  Let's say the doctor called up someone at the 1st Precinct or call the cop that's powerful and they said don't worry about it send in the delita hooks and have her file a false cross complaint.  We the NYPD will make sure to downgrade all the crimes to no crimes  and will use Ron Kuby's letter to cover up all the crimes than everyone involved in that committed crimes.  So which state was Joe Tacopina using a fake sock puppet account threatening me during an open investigation along with his partner in theory what state was Chad Seigel  and they committed crimes as well.  If Tacopina  contacted the doctor and the detectives and it was decided to threaten me   than committed crimes.

Delita Hooks letter that she signed was a crime and anyone who  graduated the police academy or law school knows that's a crime she recognizes she committed second-degree assault and that's really what the crime less if I came back and reported it she's telling me she will file a second false cross-complaint this time second-degree assault since Det John Vergona and Det Andrew Dwyer with Lt Burgos and Sgt Chen and DI Ed Winski with their knowledge and protection so they all committed crimes and for committing crimes fixing favors  making crimes go away retaliating  Breaking the law they were rewarded with promotions or being allowed to retire because Internal Affairs protected the crimes  as well which makes some party to crimes.

You don't get to break the law because you don't like someone and that's exactly what they did they didn't like me they don't like my blog my YouTube so the fact that I reported their friend NYPD PO Schatz to IA.   Fixing crimes threatening victims making crimes disappear it's part of the NYPD culture and top cops have been promoted for lowering crime stats.

The criminals involved  in my case from the doctors to the police department are they psychopaths?

Psychopath no remorse, 0 empathy, manipulative, violent, liar ... dr Fagelman, Delita Hooks, nypd and internal affairs in my case...?
Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Time for a permanent new commission in to NYPD IA DA Corp Counsel corruption, special prosecutor for my case others suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2017/08/delita…
 I think I understand why the police department doesn't want to upgrade their psychological evaluations because with disqualify how many cops?  NYPD don't want to use lie detector says the screening tool before they hire cops.   Do I think they're capable of committing perjury like Lance Armstrong? Yes.

It took me 1 year of calling the First Precinct to get 1 honest cop to give me Delita HOOKS false cross complaint number so I could write 1 Police Plaza and get it.

It took years to get a copy of the signed letter Violent liar Delita Hooks  wrote -- I only became aware of this letter in 2013 when corrupt IA NYPD Sgt Mary O'Donnell showed me and read me the letter!  She protected the threat and in your face crimes and she was not living in a vacuum.

To PC James O'Neill he was chief of Dept when CCRB kept forwarding my case to him and he keeps protecting crimes which makes in the 3rd PC to protect crimes in my case all these years!
NYPD Det Andrew Dwyer broke the law with Det John Vergona, Sgt Chen, Lt Burgos who in 2015 on Friday the 13th after yrs of lying about me asked to be my linked in friend, DI ed Winski here is more evidence http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2017/08/delita-hooks-signed-letter-to-nypd-det.html?m=1. I asked IAB for a new complaint # new evidence but James O'Neill and Reznick like Kelly Campisi running fake IA reality Protecting crimes in my case.  I would like a new complaint #IA, arrests of all involved. I will testify at new permanent commission in to nypd ia da Corp counsel corruption. This was call a cop Fixing favors retaliation. Delita Hooks letter to Det Dwyer a crime me only Joe Tacopina stupid enough to write it she signed it warning me to not file 2nd degree assault. It was 2nd degree but nypd did a bait & switch to no crimes. Audio Sgt Chen preventing me from reporting Delita Hooks false cross complaint audio IA Sgt Mary O'Donnell refusing evidence. IA NYPD Corp Counsel crimes using Kuby letter to pretend no crimes.

NYPD PO Gene Schatz's facebook profile sum up his attitude, Det Tommy Moran his FB friend, Det John Vergona and Detective Andrew  Dwyer -- their attitude about the law, the oath they took and they were all party to verbally violently threatening me, coercion, the misogynist hate crime threat that Vergona and Dwyer with their partners who's names I don't have all acted on and they sum up Ray Kelly, Charles Campisi, Reznick the rat caller Bratton and O'Neill's choice for head of Internal Affairs -- their attitude is on going FU along with Zachary Carter chronically covering up NYPD IA crimes like my case and how many others?

Delita HOOKS gave me the finger -- she provoked me repeatedly first to get help and than to start filming but NYPD Det Vergona said if I had kept walking I would not have gotten punched but the truth is that an NYPD officer or a medical receptionist/office manager don't get
to punch their people for filming them violating their rights.

Delita HOOKS was not fired or arrested because the NYPD and IA still to this day are covering up her crimes and the NYPD IA crimes!

Delita HOOKS false cross complaint -- I filed in the top of the form -- the NYPD employee corrected the date and time and wrote Delita HOOKS lied and stated I attacked her and pushed her to the ground and kicked her.  This false cross complaint is a crime but the letter she signed to Det Andrew Dwyer is an EVEN BIGGER crime because she signed the letter!  No wonder the NYPD rushed to seal her crimes with hers.  The NYPD and IA have the seal date I know because when I sued it Federal Court Corp Counsel told me they had sealed it!

another message to PC James O'Neill
Chief Boyce a misogynist corrupt cop so full of hatred of me & the truth he even blocked me for tweeting evidence that proves NYPD detectives committed crimes! Now I have evidence that he promoted Detective Andrew Dwyer after Dwyer broke the law to a fake task force like NYC Schools Rubber room.  The Task force has a non working number.  

The NYPD top brass promote cops that do Fixing and  in favors  and I have enough evidence to prove this in my case and that's without subpoena power wait until there's a new commission a permanent commission into police corruption I can't wait to testify  with the video audio's and police reports I have as well as a misogynist hate crime threat that the corrupt cops acted on to turn the tables on me  and I believe Joe Tacopina use a sock puppet account to threaten me and he goes wrote that letter Delita Hooks signed a serous Crimes a pile up of crimes from a rich MD in soho to the First Precinct to IAB to 1PP  and the sadists use Ron Kuby's letter to pretend they didn't do a bait and switch downgrading to a fake mutual assault to know crimes.

You think you can get over on me because I'm an outspoken woman I'm one of your many victims but we will get a permanent new commission into police corruption that shows every agency that supposed to police the police passes the corruption buck and since our case to Internal Affairs to die and audio of IA NYPD Sgt Mary O'Donnell  on audio posted on YouTube using Kuby letter. IA chief rat ca...

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
NYPD Det Andrew Dwyer party to coercion falsifying police reports Delita Hooks threat of 2nd false cross complaint! suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2017/08/delita…
Det Andy Dwyer and Det John Vergona  never investigated who threatened me a misogynist Hate Crimes threatening to turn the tables because I'm guessing Joe Tacopina contacted Dwyer and they agreed  I was a confrontative can't that need to be taught a lesson and they were going to do it they were going to break the law and act on Joe Tacopina's thread to turn the tables on me!

NYPD and Internal Affairs broke laws  and they counted on me not knowing the law which I didn't know when explain to me anything so  I could not even understand the crimes that were being committed and you're still being protected all these years later it's shocking!!!!

I did not know anything about the law about 3rd dgree assault or second-degree assault about false cross complaints downgrading crimes and making them disappear I had no idea about the law and corrupt nypd preyed on my ignorance and countless other victims

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Det Andrew Dwyer broke laws my case got him promoted NYPD Joint Terrorist Task Force Telephone # Broken div. faux? suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2017/08/delita…

Soho ran and runs call a cop Preet Bharara's term - mine is 1800 NYPDIADA fix it.   NYC is so corrupt and violent  I was not safe at a doctors office in Soho or a precinct I can't imagine what they would've done to me if I had turn myself in on the Sabbath with a hole in my retina cervical damage.  Eric Garner in his  and written lawsuit from Rikers describes what was done to him and they planted drugs on him after sexually violating him in public front and back.  

My case NYPD misogyny anti-Semitism retaliation for PO Schatz so Det Andrew Dwyer, Det Vergona happily broke the law  2015 when their corrupt supervisor who refused to respond to an email asking for badge numbers yes to suborning gave me his NYPD email the tenant where goes in 2015 asked to be my linkedin Friend knowing that I believe he committed crimes he finds it entertaining you want to be my LinkedIn friend he's thinking of me at 5:30 in the morning the same day Friday 13th 2015 that all these people were murdered in Paris by terrorists.  2015 when I sue in NYS Supreme Court  I also find out Det John Vergona and Det Andrew Dwyer are facebook friends. with  The first NYPD officer I have to reported to Internal Affairs Drugs for fixing in favors using this car as a weapon for the Mercer hotel select Policing  call a cop and one of the callers from the Mercer Hotel  Setting this corrupt cop on me was Michael Rawson  who was harassing me online as well. Mercer Hotel  has an arrangement to ignore the illegal parking in the loading in unloading for the hotel with valet parking under Michael Rawson and but he expected the NYPD ticket a handicapped Korean War better and who is dying of prostate cancer who had a table outside.  Rawson's harassment even stealing my signs from veterans was protected by the NYPD. Their facebook friend  are used to squad car as a weapon even on the handicap dying Korean War Vet are in these are the kind of cops that have  on the way with everything but murdering me.  

Eric Garner describes in detail what corrupt cops did to him  and I have proof and police reports that the detective slide with the supervisor signing off they committed crimes what would they have done how many more crimes with they have fabricated when I got to the precinct with a hole in my retina?

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Cy Vance, Joan Illuzzi, Tiana Walton protected NYPD crimes they should resign they are like corrupt charles Hynes suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2017/08/delita…

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
corrupt nyc, ny: If Cy Vance Pay2play DA prosecuted 911 Tech Corruption no deal K2 Intelligence Ray Kelly? corruptny-c.blogspot.com/2017/08/if-cy-…
 Zachary Carter does, he was a former US attorney and he's covering up crimes but he's the same head of corporate counsel that was playing Dr Redacto for the Lower East Side Nursing Home Scandal!

I want Zachary Carter and every lawyer that represented the city from Corp Counsel  and the cops in my case to answer questions under oath --- they are city lawyers --- they had more evidence then we could hope to have and they chose to protect nypd ia CRIMES  that broke laws covered up crimes  joined in and in that sense is in Zachary Carter obstructing justice and guilty  isn't he obligated to see something say something not protect crimes?   Zachary Carter is not a mafia lawyer and he took an oath!!!!  I do process my constitutional laws my first amendment rights were violated I was terroruzec and threatened and even more laws were broken and Zachary Carter  protecting a pile up of crimes and I want him to answer under oath in front of a new commission into police corruption and if he lies he's got to go to jail no more lance Armstrong games
to wiggle out of perjury.  Mike Bloomberg committed perjury  during the Haggerty trial and that was just fine with the Manhattan DA and the judge. Tom Robbins  on New York one and said Mayor Bloomberg testified.

I am still in shock.   People just can't believe it Dr Andrew Faeglman's role including hint he did not fire his crazy violent employee and I was sent an email with shocking allegations on why he wouldn't and that he allegedly got more fixing and favors but pertaining to his on alleged violence but I have no way of verifying that is true.  The allegations state he assaulted a mental ill woman and she filed a complaint against the NYPD for discriminating against her preventing her from reporting a crime with the Dept of Justice under their division that focuses on protecting handicap people.   I am in shock after all this time I finally got Delita HOOKS letter openly threatening me warning me to come back and file assault charges again -- that if I do she will file another false cross complaint this time it would be 2nd degree assault since Det John Vergona verbal violently threatened me over the phone with false arrest with a hole in my retina and cervical damage from the attack.  Vergona and his pal Hooks both knew I had a collapsed bladder from before the attack.    VERGONA HAD TOLD ME HE DIDN'T CARE IF I HAD TWO BLACK EYES.     Det John VERGONA refused to meet me and lied in his police reports with Lt Angelo Burgos and Det Andy Dwyer.  Detective Andrew Dwyer is one sick creep who hid his identity.  If Delita HOOKS allegations were true whey didn't he arrest me?  Because Det Andy Dwyer and Det Vergona were in on the arrangements to have Delita HOOKS file a false cross complaint and they rushed to seal her crimes with theirs and they have been protected all these years.

Is Dr Fagelman a psychopath?  He seems to have no empathy, he conspired with the police to have me threaten that's a crime and he was part of my attacker filing a false cross-complaint and threatening me and a signed letter to her NYPD fix her these are crimes and he was party to them so if you like Lance Armstrong that if he's questions under oath he's going to commit perjury?  Are the cops  going to commit perjury because I  hope they all our questions under oath in front of the new commission into police corruption including Zachary Carter.  Under Oath Zachary Carter said  redacting documents involving the nursing home on the lower Eastside was within his scope but that's not true Dept Of investigation threatened him with legal action he was forced to stop redacting the documents and submit them.   If you redacted documents on the originals I am told that would bring jail time.

Today I got even more evidence. Det Andy Dwyer's DD5s showing what a corrupt creep and fixer he is protecting crimes and making them vanish and for that Chief Boyce promoted him!

Charles Hynes, Cy Vance etc  took oaths and their ADAs and how many broke their oaths?

Zachary Carter Protects NYPD Crimes Got Delita Hooks Letter a Crime today and  A second and final enlargement of time so my case will be heard in January 2018 six years almost of NYPD IA crimes  covering up fixing in favors in retaliation joining in committing crimes in retaliation --  The NYPD did not murder me but they stole my life...harmed my life along with Dr Andrew Fagelman and everyone that lied and also  threatened me during an open investigation and I wanted to possibly that is Joe Tacopina and Chad Siegel.

Zachary Carter, Det Dwyer Det Vergona protected/acted on misogyny hate threat by Joe Tacopina of Abner Louima Infamy 

I am confident Bob Dobalina cunt calling turn the tables on me lawyer was Joe Tacopina and Charles Ward my guess Chad Seigel.  Joe Tacopina is the only lawyer stupid and overly aggressive (like he's on testosterone and stupid pills)  lawyer to write a letter for my attacker Delita Hooks (she signed the letter!!!!) threatening me the victim yet again recognizing I could file 2nd degree assault and her pals would use another false cross to fix for her -- the letter is to Detective Andrew Dwyer so he is guilty along w/ supervisors and IA who said case closed. !!! More crimes no arrests. My guess Joe Tacopina even chatted with Andy Dwyer who protected all the crimes with Det Vergona and Lt Burgos, Sgt Chen and Ed Winski all promoted or retired. 

Ray Kelly, Bratton, O'Neill corrupt to core along w/ Campisi and Reznick 

Zachary Carter keeps lying in court pretending no crimes.  Ironic he prosecuted cops in Abner Louima case he's protecting Joe Tacopina misogynist hate crimes threats and Det Vergona false arrest the Jew on the Sabbath. 
Ray Kelly, Campisi, Bratton, O'Neill, Reznick misogynist to hate me so it's OK to attack me with me violently attacked me punch a hole in my retina hurt me threaten me they protected the NYPD crimes which are horrific as well from a doctors to police department I should've been safe!

Chief Boyce really hates me and he promoted Det Andy Dwyer to a division  that has no working number I kid you not
NYPD Joint Terrorist Task Force Telephone Number Broken! NYPD so fake! Verify Det Andy Dwyer corrupt Cop promoted?

Boyce protected Sgt Chen  from being served I still don't know his first name and badge number I don't have any badge numbers and Lt Burgos who hide their badges numbers and joined them lying in police reports asked to be my linkedin friend Friday the 13th 2015 after years of lying violence 5:30 am same day  as mass murder in Paris the terrorists unbelievable.

DI Ed Winski  within on the misogyny the anti-Semitism the crimes and protected them and in return he got promoted!   He was living in crime stats counting on promotions because that's what ray Kelly Bratton and O'Neill did and do.

I have more evidence I got today!!!

IA NYPD Sgt Mary O'Donnell an evil liar like the cop's and MD office  she protected told me his name was Drier...  I handed her my notes by accident when I called her and asked her to return it she lied to me and said she would but she did not because I misspelled his name and she did not correct me his name is Det Andy Dwyer.

She read me my attacker Delita Hooks letter another crime  and the evil corrupt Mary O'Donnell said case closed with a smile to closed my file.

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYPDDetectives @NYPDCommAffairs @NYPDnews G-d Sees All Email to Anti-Semitic NYPD Det to False Arrest Me on the Sabbath FYI got rid of cap

Zachary Carter and  corporate counsel lied all these years.  I go  that letter today DELITA Hooks  morning if I dare come back she will retaliate with a false cross-complaint a 2nd one and I'm alleging her employer Dr Andrew Fagelman knew it -- in on all the threats and assured by Vergona and Dwyer I would be verbally violently threatened with false arrest unless I dropped the complaint.

I'm alleging that Joe Tacopina was the only lawyer stupid enough to draft that letter and they  all as a group conspired to threaten me and make me drop charges and that is the crime as  is he lying to the police even if the NYPD detectives and supervisors are breaking laws and they did.

They don't like me they don't like my blog they were  willing to break laws Internal Affairs still breaking laws and this started under Ray Kelly and Charles Campisi who taught me
1) NYPD IA fix crime like a Las Vegas Casino.

2) Bratton Reznick O'Neill turn broken windows back on the police.

As chief of department James O'Neill will send my case over and over by CCRB

NYPD Jimmy O'Neill Apologize NYPD Det Squad Acted on Cunt Threat to Turn Tables

Jonathan Popolow lied for the biggest liar Det Vergona who knew I was Jewish. He said via corp counsel he didn't know there's an email October 16, 2012 about arresting the Jew me!
http://suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2017/03/nypd-erase-hate-crimes-det-john-vergona.html?m=1 G-d Sees All

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYPDnews @NYPDONeill @VSPPIO NYPD James O'Neill, Ray Kelly, Bratton Erase Hate Crimes Det John Vergona my Case Anti-Semitism Up 95 Percent NYC?

Cy Vance protected BYPD IA crimes my case and many others.  
I have filed a notice of claim five more evidence now in a greater understanding of the depth of these crime which is more than I can imagine I really want a lawyer  as well as being part of as many class-action lawsuit as possible against NYPD IA  every agency that was supposed to police the police and didn't just passed the corruption buck and llet our cases die!!!

Former Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes Sued For Creating “Preferential System Of ‘Justice’ For Pedophiles” | Village Voice
https://www.villagevoice.com/2017/03/08/former-brooklyn-da-charles-hynes-sued-for-creating-preferential-system-of-justice-for-pedophiles/ Cy Vance and Charles Hynes so corrupt. I want to be part of class action lawsuits against NYPD, IA, Corp Counsel, the City and Cy Vance and all nyc gov agencies that past the corruption buck.

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Cy Vance Jeff Epstein pedophile like DA Hynes? Hynes sued Preferential System For Pedophiles”, Cy Vance next?

My Dad died my Mom dying and they stole my life a kind of murder - Vergona  of violent liar like Delita Hooks -  they can be charming when it suits them he threatens me and his lawyer Jonathan Popolow and appellate court stated he did not know I was Jewish when I have the email online now October 16, 2012 G-d sees all, false arrest the babbling Jew.

Vergona did not say no to are you anti-Semitic.

He acting on a misogynistic hate crime threat I allege  Joe Tacopina as Bob Dobalina. I allege Chad Seigel as Charles Ward join  threatening me harassing me when I ask if this was witnessed tempering they deleted their account.  When I ask Det Vergona he acted on their threat to turn the tables.

Dr Fagelman and Delita Hooks were assured she could threaten me in this letter  she does in the police would protect her and she did.

Here is an excerpt of email to IA this am:

Please give me a new complaint number.  It will be part of my testimony against IAB.  
Sgt Mary O'Donnell read me the letter and said case closed (Sgt Kroll was a witness)

Delita Hooks letter to her corrupt Det Andrew Dwyer  proves 

1) Delita Hooks and I am guessing Joe Tacopina aka Bob Dobalina see my email to Det Vergona Oct 7, 2012 Bob calls me a cunt threatens to turn the tables and there is the same threat in the letter to Det Andy Dwyer.

Det Squad and supervisors along with my attacker knew it was actually second-degree assault please set a bait and switch and a downgrade to a fake mutual assault. 

Delita Hooks recognizes I can come back and file second we sell chargers and she will file a second boss cross complaint with Det Andy Dwyer and Vergona's protection and Sgt Chen, Burgos and Ed Winski. 

Delita Hooks recognized it was 2nd degrees assault on her part and she could break yet another loss with the new pools cross-complaint and be protected

2) The rich doctor picked up the phone like a lot of rich people so hope so what was the NYPD detective squad's motive I had reported their friend Facebook PO Eugene Schatz. 

I was labeled a ball buster by the precinct and now they had a chance to retaliate. 

Please give me a new complaint number thank you. 

Remember during the infamous NYPD Ramos case the fixing and favors and NYPD PBA stood outside the courthouses protesting in their own words about fixing and favors and this was under Bloomberg.

I don't believe Det Andrew Dwyer and his partner, Detective John Vergona and his partner, Sgt Chen and Lt Burgos and DI Ed Winski were following orders but they were all protected by top brass and Zachary Carter who had to be told my NYC Gov Dept of Investigation to stop redacting documents in the nursing home continues to lie in my case stating the NYPD and IA acted with in their scope when the broke laws repeatedly in my case along with Delita HOOKS and I believe Dr Andrew Fagelman picked up the phone like Williamsburg but this was Soho Call A Cop and Dr Fagelman was party to all the crimes including his employee Delita HOOKS threatening me yet again, filing a false cross complaint -- I believe Dr Fagelman as part of what the US Attorney referred to as Call a COP -- that Dr  Fagelman arranged the date and time for Delita HOOKS to walk in and commit the crime.

I am guessing Joe Tacopina who I allege broke the law with my guess Chad Seigel using fake accounts on YouTube threatening me warning me to not take any legal action or they would see the tables turned contacted Dr Fagelman, Delita HOOKS and Det Andy Dwyer and it was all arranged if the letter Delita Hooks SIGNED! 

IAB Sgt Mary O'Donnell another corrupt corrupt cop showed me the letter a full in your face crime and cited Ron Kuby's letter case closed.

Zachary Carter and his predecessor used Ron Kuby's letter to pretend the NYPD and all involved did not commit crimes and I alerted ADA Joan Illuzzi about Joe Tacopina misogynist hate crime and the NYPD IA crimes and she did not want to hear it but she admitted Delita HOOKS committed 2nd degree assault, a false cross complaint, menacing and that if she was arrested I was told by another ADA that NO NYPD WOULD BE INVOLVED BUT THAT SPECIAL INVESTIGATOR BERRY WOULD ARREST DELITA HOOKS.

Joan Illuzzi admitted she did not know who I was and she promised not to hold my blogging and YouTubes criticizing her boss against me but SHE LIED!!!!!

The NYPD and DA broke the laws in my case covered up crimes especially NYPD CRIMES that were reported to them and how many times does this happen?

I was assaulted Oct 1, 2012 and a few months before I was in The NY Times and I looked beautiful sitting on a bench in Tompkins Square Park with Guiseppi Logan.  Dr Andrew Fagelman, Delita HOOKS and NYPD and Internal Affairs would ruin my life with their lies, crimes and corruption and I was also sent this a few months before I was assaulted stating the Cy Vance is a dirty corrupt DA that with Dirty NYPD make crimes vanish they fix crime including RAPES, domestic abuse etc and than I became a casualty as well.


Joan Illuzzi ended up lying to me which is posted on YouTube but originally she swore she would not hold my politics against me.  She lied and she and Cy Vance did more fixing and favors for corrupt NYPD and IA my case and how many others?   Cy Vance a racist DA falsely prosecuted NYPD Star Thabo Sefolosha and activist Joe Jazz Hayden and countless protestors the most in NYC's history, he is a dirty DA that isn't shy about protecting corrupt NYPD and Internal Affairs and retaliating against his targets just like the NYPD and IA did with me.  Google DNA Cy Vance Intern, Google Cy Vance Flash Boys, Google Cy Vance NYDN jeffrey epstein -- this one will make you want to puke and shocked the woman judge --- in all her years no one has ever asked her to lower the sex predator status and how made the call to the Dirty Play to Play DA?   Google NYDN K2 Intelligence (more allegations of pay to Play DA and Ray Kelly works for K2 Intelligence).  Cy Vance and Mark Guma more pay to play -- Guma forgave Cy Vance his debt and in return Guma is Teflon and Cy Vance did not recuse himself did he? It goes on but Cy Vance is like Charles Hynes and they both belong in jail but I agreed to false arrest twice for a running punch to my head.

This started under Michael Bloomberg and now de Blasio failed me and countless other victims of NYPD crimes and he will be shocked at how many people vote against de Blasio at the voting booths me included.

Corrupt Democrats like Corrupt NYPD Rob Voters NY Voting System Broken and Dirty DAs like Cy Vance often Have No Opposition

By dodging primaries, New York pols are killing democracy | New York Post

Democrats are preventing voters from voting for a candidate-- they run the City and State like mafia and the NYPD and certain NY State Police  aren't shy about filing our constitutional rights for bullies.   The NYPD chronically break laws violate our constitutional rights m.

 When it comes to voting anyone should be able to vote for whoever they want in the primaries so if you're a Democrat anyone about for republican or you're a Republican and you want to vote for Democrat or you're an independent and you want to vote for Democrat or Republican you should be allowed to in the primary.

New York State and New York City or trying in every way possible to prevent people from having their vote count and there are rumors that the last election many boats were not counted the fix was in.

 I have more to tell you very shocking things about corruption including my case in the city of New York right now just keep googling Dr Fagelman assault the youtube has over 1/2 million views.

Trump plugs conspiracy theorist tweet after returning to NYC - NY Daily News

Victim's mom on suspect: You gave us a forum
Susan Bro speaks out on person who killed her daughter, Heather Heyer, in Charlottesville, VA, saying she should maybe thank him for opening a national forum, but she can't because she would rather have her child. Read the full story

The NYPD especially Staten Island allegedly are terribly racist and that includes anti-Semitism and Ray Kelly, Bratton and James O'Neill including as Chief of Dept  protected racism anti-Semitism and misogyny in my case because they don't like my blog

Det Vergona False Arrest the Jew on the Sabbath? Are you anti-Semitic? John Vergona did not say no.

You defend black people poetic justice assaulted by black person dumbcuntlivesmatter?

Cunt bury you destroy you turn the tables on you.

NYPD the NYPD racist misogynists?

NYPD cop accused of beating Brooklyn man over spilled drink - NY Daily News

NYPD Knapp Mollen Time for a New Commission John Vergona FBFriends Gene Schatz, Moran, Andy Dwyer: Ex NYPD Arrested 11 Dead Horses
Every day there are stories about corrupt NYPD cops Retired NYPD Sgt doing horrific horrific things and all of them pass the psychological evaluation's yet the 3?olice commissioners involved in crimes for my case protecting how many crimes in my case from a doctors office Crimes fixing favors to crimes from the 1st Precinct my case The corrupt PCs won't even change the psych evaluations and also give hem lie detector test before they hire them!

The city is run by corrupt emotionally babies from corrupt dishonest policians to dishonest police and the cop's corrupt babies like DAs  if they don't like you then laws don't apply to you and they're free to break the laws the city is out of control

Monday, August 14, 2017

NYPD Cy Vance Falsely Arrest Prosecute Harass Protestors Record Numbers under Bloomberg Brag About Results Methods Violate The Constitution?

NYPD: We would have done a better job in Charlottesville by false arresting protestors w/ Cy Vance false prosecuting or harassing?

CY Vance and NYPD are not shy about breaking laws and violate Constitutions to lower crime stats, as a form retaliation and abuse of power for many reasons, racism, anti-Semitic unless rich Jews and misogyny, etc.

Trump starlingly inappropriate as usual.

 Donald Trump Was Ok w/ His Returned NYPD Assaulting an Immigrant Protestor but Pres Trump Draws the Line at Murdering Protestors

NYPD dirty DA cy Vance treated me and how many like Nazis in the Early Stages of Nazi Germany???????  They don't like critics and they are racists and misogynist who are willing to violate the Constitution and break the law including because they just don't like you or they don't like the color of your skin or your religion or your gender...etc.

HuffPost: Van Jones: A Nazi Assassinated An American 'In Broad Daylight'
Van Jones: A Nazi Assassinated An American 'In Broad Daylight'
When President Donald Trump failed to fully denounce white supremacists for inciting deadly violence at a “Unite The Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend, and instead blamed “many sides,” Americans on both sides of the aisle were outraged. ... Read the full story

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Because of violence at Dr Fagelman's, NYPD joining in crimes I have the most severe chronic insomnia, pains terrible in my neck my neck very sore hard to turn my neck my neck and left shoulder hurt.

I have numbness in both hands sometimes forearm

My head hurts from almost 5 years insomnia jaw clenched especially at night bad dreams.

I feel almost like dementia confusion like my Mom who is barely hanging in in Hospice with very little quality of life once she lost the ability to walk and the City, nypd etc joined in doing Fixing and favors for a creepy evil MD that did not fire his manipulative Violent lying attack receptionist office mgr and he was party to and engaged corrupt cops only to happy to do him a favor. Dr Fagelman is as disgusting or worse than my attacker google dr Fagelman assault -- nypd are so corrupt I don't share everything including things sent to me. Stay tuned.

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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Donald Trump Was Ok w/ His Returned NYPD Assaulting an Immigrant Protestor but Pres Trump Draws the Line at Murdering Protestors

Va. paralegal killed during protest of white supremacist rally - NY Daily News

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYPDnews @NYPDONeill @VSPPIO Heather Heyer was needed USA Police chronically violate our rights. She was MURDERED if in NYC you would blame her! nydailynews.com/news/national/…
Friends and relatives identified the slain 32-year-old woman as Heather Heyer, a paralegal with the Miller Law Group.

Va. paralegal killed during protest of white supremacist rally - NY Daily News


Here in NYC I am a victim of Crimes from an MDs (google dr Fagelman assault) to nypd internal affairs crimes and I am lucky to be alive!!!!  If the NYPD kill you they blame you. 

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYPDnews @NYPDONeill @VSPPIO Read Eric Garner pro se lawsuit mayor de Blasio, Al Sharpton, NYPD IA dirtyDAs don't want uto read his handwritten nyciloveyoubigtime.blogspot.com/2015/05/eric-g…

Cy Vance perceived like Racist alt right sickos Va DA cy falsely prosecutes protestors threatens victims w/ police
'Unite the Right' organizer flees press conference coward like Cy Vance corrupt NYPD 

Cy Vance pretends he isn't a corrupt dirty DA and uses nyc, NYs Police to attempt Silence his victims?  Ask the NBA if they perceive Cy Vance to be racists after he falsely prosecuted NBA Star Thabo Sefolosha.

One killed as car plows into counter-protesters at white power rally in Virginia 
Condolence to all those killed.

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYPDnews @NYPDONeill @VSPPIO I sad for everyone that died yesterday. NYC NYPD IA DA Memorial Apology Walls for all murdered or our lives stolen by Teflon corrupt #NYPD
 I'm sad for everyone that died yesterday but I'm sad for how many people murdered here New York City or our lives stolen by corrupt cops  protected by corrupt top brass including Internal Affairs and every agency that supposed to police the police but passes the Corruption Buck  or directly protects crimes like Cy Vance did in my case, Joe Jazz Hayden, NBA Star Thabo Sefolosha and so many I want city wife NYPD IA DA  apology walls that include apologies from the city of New York and every government agency and politician that failed us some dead others alive our lives stolen by corrupt cops!!!

Suzannah Troy (@vegansuz)
@realDonaldTrump WATCH Trump Retired NYPD hits protester in face
google.com/amp/www.nydail… assaulting protestors ok but u draw the line at murder good to know

Tweet: Trump reminder his retired NYPD cop assaulted a protester no arrest so is he sincere about murdering protestor?

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@realDonaldTrump Trump ok w/ his retired NYPD assaulting protestor critic but Trump figured out murdering a protestor is a bad thing? nydailynews.com/amp/news/natio…

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYPDnews @NYPDONeill @VSPPIO Ray Kelly, Bratton, O'Neill, Campisi, Reznick, Zachary Carter have stolen yrs of my life w/ their role Protecting NYPD IA crimes my case!

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Two Virginia state troopers killed in helicopter crash tied to white supremacist rally
Fox News
Two Virginia state troopers were killed Saturday afternoon in a helicopter crash authorities said was linked to a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va. Read the full story

Donald Trump  was fine with his retired NYPD assaulting a protester right here in New York and he's encouraged the police become more physical but that lead to how many deaths here in New York City and across the country?

Where are arrests in my case including of NYPD?   I am one of many calling for a special prosecutor.

In my case I was a victim of violence at a doctors office and the NYPD joined and finally threatening me acting on misogynisticthreat I hope it was Joe Tacopina who crowns  his website with Abner Louima bragging and claiming he got a Abner Louima cop off.

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
Cy Vance Mike Bloomberg falsely prosecuted most protesters ever in NYC but like Trump murdering protestors is not ok suzannahbtroy.blogspot.com/2017/08/one-ki…

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New Yorkers rally against hate in Union Square 

 Was sent a tweet I defend black people so it's poetic justice I was assaulted by a black person dumbcuntlivesmatter?  I wondered if that was one of the NYPD or their friends to get fixing in favors from them.

NYPD FOIL I'm being treated like it's Dunkin' Donuts  but that's the way the NYPD are every day choosing not to protect and serve and violating our rights my rights of been violated over and over on going.

I was and am being treated like a Jew in the Early Stages of Nazi Germany and Bill de Blasio and Scott Stringer A-Okay with Zachary Carter lying for NYPD Protecting NYPD Crimes and my  Rights violated because they don't like me along with Ray Kelly, Bratton and O'Neill, Cy Vance a misogynist sicko Google DNA Cy Vance Intern, NYDN Cy Vance Jeffrey Epstein.  He isn't the only real sick twisted amoral narcissist in the bunch is he?

Donald Trump had no problem when his retired NYPD bodyguard assaulted a protestor and stole his banner anti Trump's policies including on Mexico and immigration,  so it's good to know President Trump does actually finds murdering protestors unacceptable.  

The murderer is allegedly a Neo Nazi part of a group spewing anti-Semitic/racist comments...anyone from the Trump administration including his retired NYPD bodyguards spew similar hate speech? 

FYI ask Andre Balaz about Michael Rawson of Mercer Hotel Infamy and his call a cop's Ed Winski and Gene Schatz about Rawson stealing my protest signs sending his thugs to further harass Veterans and me and how Rawson wanted selective nypd policing - ignore The Mercer Hotel  illegal private parking in the loading and unloading zone with valet parking while he had the NYPD harass a dying Korean War Vet around who died in poverty in hospice from prostate cancer who was severely handicapped you could barely walk and lived to have his table w/ goods to sell outside the Mercer Hotel.   Rawson and gang at the Mercer Hotel got NYPD Schatz  to harass me on two occasions using his squad car as a weapon.

For some reason Andree  didn't want any lawsuits? Michael Rawson a sicko that has harassed me multiple times on YouTube is convinced people with YouTube channels that are not mine are -/ he seems crazy mentally ill and confident he is above the law.  He sure seemed to have nypd at his beck and call. Did the nypd have a special relationship retired nypd with the Hotel down  The street from the rich Doctor got fixing in favors from the same precinct where I was a victim of a violent crime no arrestd. Google Dr Fagelman assault.

Suzannah B. Troy (@suzannahbtroy)
@NYPDnews @NYPDONeill @VSPPIO #NYPD chronic break laws discriminate "Round Robin" code for judge u joinin committing crimes lie in DD5s threaten victims lower crime stats

 Then I would become a victim of the corrupt cops Facebook friends detectives lied in their m police reports broke laws one got promoted and one got to retire to Staten Island along with their bosses

Charlottesville suspect held hate group shield before attack - NY Daily News

Charlottesville protest: 3 dead, more than 2 dozen injured in day of violence
The Mercury News
A car plowed into a crowd of people peacefully protesting a white nationalist rally Saturday in a Virginia college town, killing one person. At least 26 others injured in that incident and earlier street brawls. A helicopter crash that killed the pilot and a passenger outside the city also was linked to the rally. Read the full story